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Soon to embark on my sixth eyecare mission. Five with I Care International to Guatemala and Mexico and one with the New York chapter of VOSH to the Amazon region of Peru. On these missions we take thousands of donated glasses and medical equipment, set up clinic for 4 to 5 days and treat between 300 to 500 villagers. We provide full eye exams and treat minor infections. When possible we provide eyeglasses and sunglasses to all that are in need. My job is to document the trips both on digital film and video and once home give presentations to local schools, service groups and others to inform them on what these organizations provide to the less fortunate. Please feel free to check out and We are always interested in new volunteers and or donations, if you would like more information email me at [email protected]
Three Generations... Panajachel, GuatemalaEyecare In Bagua Chica, PeruMother & Child... Santo Tomas Milpas Altas, GuatemalaPterygium... Panajachel, GuatemalaAutoRefractor... Panajachel,GuatemalaAfter Cataract Surgery... Bagua Chica, PeruAfter Cataract Surgery...Bagua Chica,PeruTesting Time... Bagua Chica, PeruEyecare... Bagua Chica, PeruApprehension