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If you know me, you are well aware of my love for the Ocean. Some crave the mountains. Others yearn for the pristine silence of a deep Forest. Some of my best friends tell me that I am truly missing the boat, that to experience the vastness and simple beauty that the Desert offers is to experience the serene solitude found no where else. We all have our sanctuaries... Those places we go to re-connect, to re establish who we are.

These places define us more than we can understand.

This is probably why I have thus far, been unable to capture on film my passion for the Sea... Kelp, Energy, Salt, Motion, Constant Change, Kalideoscopic Light, Prisms,The Sensual Feel Of Sand through your Toes, The Rhythmical tugging of the Tides. It goes on and on, and thats what draws me, I have spent 50+ years almost daily making room in my day to get down to the Shore and I have yet to be nothing less than enthralled... on every visit.
Wave, Carmel, CaliforniaBorn to BoogieBreaking Wave, Carmel, Calif.Avila Pier... Avila Beach, CaliforniaCrashing Wave, Carmel, Calif.Kelp and RockIncoming !!...Morro Bay, CaliforniaThe Dance... Avila Beach, CaliforniaNautilus...Big Sur, CaliforniaLow Tide... Point Lobos, CaliforniaCRUNCH!!... Monterey Bay, CaliforniaAvila Pier Reflections... Avila Beach, California"First You Put Your Left Foot In..."

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Marissa Todd(non-registered)
Great shots of the waves, you nailed it!
Suzanne Flores(non-registered)
You definatly have a thing going on here with "your" ocean.. Spectacular work !! I will be in touch. Thanks for sharing !!
Sky Smith(non-registered)
Absolutely breathtaking!
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