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These images were taken in Iquitos, Trujillo, Belen, Lima and Bagua Chica, Peru while on an eye care mission documenting the volunteer group Vosh-NY as they provided eye care, dental work and cataract surguries to those less fortunate. These images were taken before and after the clinics on walks as well as on side trips after the work was done.
Iquitos, PeruCigarettes... Belen, PeruBroom Maker... Belen, PeruAmazonian ShamenEggs & Scale... Bagua Chica, PeruGas Station On Wheels... Lima, PeruBora Tribe... Amazon, PeruYagua Tribe... Amazon, PeruLady... Bagua Chica, PeruBora Indian Tribe, Young Girl... Amazon, PeruBora Indians, Tribal Chiefs...Amazon, PeruYoung Girls At Play... Amazones, PeruWomen... Bagua Chica, Peru